Selling Your Vacation Home Remotely During the Pandemic

Selling holiday homes in Orlando has always been easy given the demand for luxury homes in one of the most popular areas in the country. But these are no longer normal times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the economy and changed consumer behaviors in all industries. Real estate professionals are adapting to new concerns while protecting the interests of home buyers and sellers.

Selling your vacation home remotely is an option that foreign home investors can use if you’re unable to return to the U.S. during the pandemic.

Virtual Showings: The New Normal When Selling a Vacation Home

Virtual home tours aren’t new. But they’re becoming the new normal for real estate buyers and sellers. Open houses let buyers decide if your home is right for them. But social distancing has made this difficult for sellers who want to find a buyer quickly, and buyers may not be ready to venture out and explore the homes for sale in Orlando.

Real estate firms like Team Donovan have put safety protocols in place to protect buyers and avoid delays that can be costly to international home investors with properties in the Orlando area. They offer virtual showings that are tailored to the needs of buyers, and a virtual tour can be the next best thing to being inside the home. Sellers can give buyers full access to their investment properties without either party having to leave their homes.

Meeting the Needs of Buyers During the Pandemic

Virtual tours may not be enough for some buyers. But in-person showings can still be arranged when your realtor knows how to keep themselves and prospective buyers safe. Face masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes can be provided to buyers during in-person tours. Realtors can disinfect and wipe down surfaces that buyers touch when viewing a home.

If you’re selling your vacation home remotely, work with a real estate professional who can take these steps and sell your home quickly while helping you get the highest return.

How Foreign Sellers Can Close on Their Vacation Homes

The selling process requires inspections and appraisals that can be more complicated (but not impossible) during the COVID-19 pandemic. An experienced realtor can help you find service providers who can navigate the selling process while complying with new health and safety standards.

Remote online notarizations make it possible for foreign sellers to complete transactions, even when all parties are in different locations. Title companies can prepare and send documents electronically using secure online portals, and there are ways to verify personal information and sign documents electronically.

Business as Usual for Team Donovan

Team Donovan has years of experience working with absentee owners of holiday homes in Orlando that have been used as a second home or short-term rental. We are able to safely sell your property without ever meeting you, since we’re always available by phone or email to help buyers and sellers negotiate a successful real estate transaction. If you want to learn more, call us at (407) 705-2616 or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.

Image by sahil trikha from Pixabay